Lookout Mountain Parkway Association

Lookout Mountain Parkway

Lookout Mountain Parkway in Fort Payne, AL
Photo by James Anderson & Patty Tucker

The Lookout Mountain Parkway spans three states as it stretches across Lookout Mountain from Gadsden, Alabama to Chattanooga, Tennessee. Within it’s 93-miles, one will find waterfalls, canyons, scenic brow vistas, unique towns and villages, state and national parks and preserves and many more natural wonders

Lookout Mountain is beautiful year-round. The four seasons bring flowering Rhododendrons and Mountain Laurel, children enjoying summer camp, majestic fall foliage and light snows that gently cover the landscape.

It is also home to the extravaganza, The World’s Longest Yard Sale that takes place in the month of August where over 5,000 yard sale vendors line the Lookout Mountain Parkway and the US 127 Corridor for some 650-miles of bargains.

Plan a day, plan a week. There is so much to see and do along the Lookout Mountain Parkway and you won’t want to miss a thing.

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From one end of it to the other, it is easy to understand how Reader’s Digest could name The Lookout Mountain Parkway as one of America’s Scenic Drives.